OIL CHANGE - Oil & Filter
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View the Maintenance Schedule to check what else should be done.

The first thing to do is make sure you have enough oil, you will need approximately 7.5 Litres and a new filter to put on afterwards. The part numbers for the filters are :-

Ryco Z334, Valvoline V016, Fleetguard LF3608.

Go for a trip around the block to warm the oil up.

The sump plug is located near the rear of the sump, get a oil pan or bucket ready, if you don't have one buy one. Position the tray under the sump plug; remove the oil cap from the top of the motor.

Get a 14mm socket or spanner and lossen the sump plug, turn it by hand and be careful not to burn your self if the oil is hot, try to keep hold of the plug so you don't have to retrieve it from the oil.

Let it drain for an hour if you have the time then wipe up the excess oil and fit a new seal to the sump plug, you will need a 1/2" or 12mm one, I use a fibre type washer. Tighten the sump bolt buy hand so you don't cross thread it. Iif you have a torque wrench dial up 34 Nm and tighten the sump plug.


The Oil filter on the 1KZ-TE has a handy drip tray mounted under it to catch the oil, I cable tie a funnel to my SOS to help direct the flow of oil from the pipe to the tray (see picture). You should be able to undo the filter by hand. I undo mine and let it sit on the tray for a few minutes to drain the oil then pull it out of the engine bay. 








If you have a sludge pump remove the left over oil and clean the area up with a rag. When re-installing the filter smear some oil around the filter rubber, and do it up by hand.

Fill the engine with fresh oil, I fill to approximately 6 litres, check the level on the dipstick, then fill slowly to the 'F' on the dipstick. Make sure you have re-fitted the oil cap and have accounted for all your tools, start the engine, check for leaks around the sump plug and filter. Turn the motor off and let it settle for 10 minutes, then top it up. Go for a quick drive then check for leaks again.