Intermittent Airconditioning
and/or Chattering A/C Relay

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This repair is for the LN130 Surf when the air conditioner intermittently doesn’t work won’t stay on or the A/C relay starts to constantly chatter. The fault is a result of bad earthing in the A/C module. I am not sure if this is the same set up for other model Surfs, I have only heard of the LN130 suffering from this problem.


The air conditioner module is located under the radio console and is accessed by removing the cover panel.


There is enough length in the lead to fix the problem without removing the dash and completely unplugging. It is advisable to disconnect the battery when working on the module. Bend back the eight tabs (A) to remove the cover, also notice (B) where the module is reground to chassis earth.


Looking at the top P.C.B solder a wire this is to get a good earth between the two P.C.B’s. Double-check and look again where to connect this, solder the wrong place and who knows what will happen.

Remove the six screw’s and four hex bolts to access the bottom P.C.B. The two earth wires (D) are connected to the same point. One to the top P.C.B and the other to chassis ground. Reassemble and test.

Hopefully you have saved the expense of a new module and/or a repair bill from an auto electrician scratching his head half the day. My air conditioner has worked perfectly for the last three years after this repair and is still freezing cold. Good luck.

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