Replacing Battery/Maintenance
Article: Pete. R Photos: Pete. R

Remove the earth terminal of BOTH batteries. Yes, that's right both batteries. Unless you've done a duel battery mod your batteries are connected in parallel, that means they are not to separate and independent batteries. In order to isolate power from the truck to make it safe to remove a battery you do have to remove the earth off both.

Now you can remove the positive terminal off the battery you wish to remove. It doesn't matter if the positive terminal makes contact with a metal part of the car as you have removed the earth off the other battery so there is no electrical circuit.

Loosen the nut on the hook bolt at the back of the battery support bracket. Undo the bolt holding down the front of the battery support bracket and you should be able to remove the hook bolt from its slot and remove the battery support bracket. Muscles are then required to remove the battery

Installation is the exact opposite. Put the battery back in, install the battery support bracket ensuring the hook bolt is located back in it's slot. Do up the front battery support bracket bolt first and tighten the hook bolt nut untill battery can'ton move in tray. Over tighening the hook bolt nut may cause physical damage to the battery. Connect the positive terminal to the battery and then both negative terminals. Finally, if you are installing a new battery use a screwdriver or similar and engrave the month and yr into the top of the battery. This way you know exactly when the battery was last changed.