Drive Belt Renewal/Maintenance
Article: Nathan Taylor Photos: Nathan Taylor

To start, remove the bash plate.

The PS belt is on the front, and should be removed first. To do this, the PS pump swings inward (similar to the alternator). There are two bolts to loosen and then removal of the belt is simple. You only need to loosen these bolts, they do not have to be removed…

For the AC and Alternator belts, you will probably have to remove the fan and radiator shroud. I did not have to remove the belts, so my fan etc. stayed in place. It is a simple procedure to remove the fan and shroud…

Remove the AC compressor drive belt:
Looking up from under the car, you will see a pulley on a slide bracket, which the AC belt runs on. This is how to release the tension on this belt.

Before I released the tension, I made a “creep” mark, allowing it to be tensioned back to the same position. This is a good trick to remember. However there are specs for belt tensions later in this article if you want to be precise. When the tension is released, slip the belt off the AC compressor pulley. If you are going to remove it completely, mark it first for direction of rotation (belts should be replaced in the same sense they were before removal).

Remove the Alternator Drive Belts
Un-tension the alternator belts (x2) and remove them from the alternator pulley. There is a similar fitting to the AC belt tensioner to regulate tension on the alternator belts. It doesn’t “slide” an aux. pulley (as for the AC belt), but swings the alternator itself in/out on its mounting points. Make another “creep” mark first to assist retensioning. Again, if the belts are to be removed with the intention of refitting, mark them.