Blocking off EGR Valve
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12mm spanner, tin snips, drill and a file were all that was used.

A schematic of the EGR valve system (2LT - similar in the 2LTE)

Step 1:

Remove all 4 nuts holding EGR pipe in place.
Remove EGR pipe.

Step 2: Trace around EGR pipe end on a piece of suitable steel plate (mine is 1.6mm).
Cut out using tin snips, be careful with off cuts as they're sharp as!

  Step 3: Mark bolt holes on top and bottom of blank, then drill. I used a 3/8" drill bit for a little extra play

Step 4: Clean up all edges with a suitable file for a neat finish.
Step 5: Using suitable hi temperature sealant run a bead around both sides of new blanking plate then install.

Step 6: Re-install EGR pipe, nuts and tighten.

I've noticed a difference as I used to get really high temps on the
highway (100C+) and I can't get it to go past about 88C - 90C now. I reckon
that's why I did my head the first time, with any luck it won't happen