Fuel Filter - Maintenance & Renewal
Article: Darren Photos: Darren


Fuel Filter is located on the passenger side of the firewall.(blue hoses are my transfer/diff breathers).
Make sure you have a new filter (picured here is VF14 or Z252).
Photo3 & 4:Clamp the fuel line from the tank to the filter to help prevent fuel draining back thru the line.Its not necessary but makes it easier on re-start.Then remove the hose clamps to both lines and disconnect hoses.

Disconnect the wire running from the water sensor on th bottom of the filter.Undo the two 12mm nuts holding the filter to the firewall bracket.Remove the complete assembly.Try keep it upright to prevent fuel spilling all over you and the engine bay.
Photo6:Turn the drain tap and drain the fuel in the filter into a container.(This is also the tap to use to drain the water from the filter if your dash light illuminates,this can be done in vehicle).Unscrew the water sensor unit and discard the oring.Unscrew the filter body from the plunger/bracket assembly.This is what it all looks like disassembled.


Photo7 & 8:Install the new oring (from new filter) and reassemble the sensor unit onto the base of the new filter.Then reassemble the plunger & bracket unit onto the top of the new filter.

Photo9:Re-install the filter unit back into the enginebay,make sure the drain tap is closed.Re-connect the inlet and outlet hoses.Re-connect the 2 pin plug for the water sensor unit.
To prime the filter push down several times on the plunger until some resistance is felt.
Photo10:Record the date and the amount of kms you changed the filter at.
I usually record the date on the filter with a felt tip pen.It is also advisable to keep a log record in your vehicle.If you ever sell your surf,its a big bonus to have a service history to show.