Fuel Pump - Maintenance Seal Renewal
Article: Marc Gianatti Photos: Marc Gianatti


Fixing Leaking Fuel Pump.. – If this happens – Fix it ASAP or more problems occur

1. Remove Timing Belt cover – See doco for Water Pump Removal HERE
2. Remove Pulley from front of Fuel pump

A schematic of the fuel pump plumbing and fuel lines.


All the parts removed..

Also remove air cleaner and left side battery from car..

Photos of the Fuel Pump removed…

Left side









Back end






Top View

Photo showing top cover of fuel pump removed.

Top Cover of fuel pump

The shapped O-Ring is the offender in this problem.. It hardens up and doesn’t seal against the pump body any more..

So can be fixed in the car by removing the 4 top (Hex or Allan Key) bolts.

The two seals on the top cover..
Both should be replaced..

I got both for $5 from Precision Diesel in O’Connor in Perth

Photo showing the pump body..

An interesting thing – I found a square broken piece of yellow plastic in the bottom of the reservoir tank.. identical plastic to the plastic wire tie at the top of the white wires seen in this picture.. But I could not find anywhere where this plastic might have broken off… Odd?? Maybe it was part of the wire tie at some stage??..

Front of engine with fuel pump removed..
Side shot of engine with fuel pump removed and everything tied up out of the way..

The leaked stuff around the inlet manifold is oil from the turbo..
I have since installed an oil catch can..
The rest of the stuff is diesel..







Another shot of the missing diesel pump..

Aligning the Fuel pump timing marks
Shows pump back in position with wires attached + fuel lines
Everything back in place and cleaned.. ie half clean engine bay…
The gleam is from diesel…. Everything got covered in it!

Job took about 8 hours..

Rating = Hard - If you can avoid doing it. avoid it because it was not fun… the brackets that hold the pump onto the engine are very difficult to get to..