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Installing new HiFlow Injectors - Injectors I-NEWTSGRO8A-1 New Toyota Injector 2LTE @ $74.00 each

A Full instrcution manual comes with the injectors from hiflow made for the 2LT (and 3L aussie) engine which is easy to follow. All the info from this write up is taken from that.
I started at 9.oo am and had the motor running and warm by 10.30 am.

The only real problem I uncounted was you do need a bendy ½” square drive. ( universal drive) to get at number 3 Injector.
The other thing I found out is when priming the lines it’s better to depress the throttle a little to get some fuel flow.
Also maintain the highest level of clenleness during removal and installation of injectors, dirt is the biggest enemy an injector can face. It is recomended to have the engein steamed cleaned or deagressed before installation.

The diagram below shows the basic install of the injector system for the 2LT surf engine for reference and washers etc.

The injectors as they arrived with washers and fittings. also came with caps on either side to keep them clean.

1) Remove intake piping from aircleaner to Turbo, then rremove intake pipe from turbo to inlet manofld (the easist way to do this is to unbolt the bend into the throttle body.
2) Remove injector line clamps
3) disconnect the fuel hose from the fuel return line
4) Clean around injector lines at the pump end, loosen union nuts at injector end and pump end, and remove fuel lines.
5) If possible cover open lines on pump with caps or clean lint free cloth.
6) Remove fuel return line, by removing the four nuts and aluminium leak off washers
7) Remove injectors using Hi-flow injector tool HF213 (21mm deep reach socket)
Remove ALL in jector washers, one is a small heat shiel washer located at the bottom of injector pocket in cylinder head.
9) The other is a brass injector to head sealing washer, DO NOT USE A SHARP INSTRUMENT such as a screwdriver as this could cause serious damge to seat are.

IMPORTANT - thoroughly clean injector pocket using lint free cloth. ALL traces of carbon must be removed (especially from washer seat area)


This is a picture of number three injector.this is where you need a bendy ½” square drive. ( universal drive) to get at the injector, although if you remove this inlet bend which has 4 nuts it will make it easier as it the inlet will be out of the way.



Install new injectors:

1) Install new injector washes into cylinder head
2) Smear antiseaz compound on injector threads
3) Reomve plastic nozzle protector cap, leave top cap on, screw in injector by hand., under no circumstances do not force the injector into the pocket.
4) Using socket tool tighetn Injectors.
Torque specs: 650 KG CM 47ft-lb 64 NM

CAUTION - do not overtighten as this

5) Remove protective cap off top of washer, instlal aluminium washer off washers (use vaseline to centralise)
6) Clean and check return lines to injectors, install with nuts. Tighten gradually, avoid stressing the line:
T orque specs : 300 KG CM 22ft-lb 29NM

7) Connect the fuel hose to the fuel return line
8) Install the two fuel line clamps on the intake manifold
9) If possible blow out fuel lines with compressed air.
10) connect fuel lines at both ends and install injector line clamps and install intake pipe.
Torque specs: 150 KG CM 11ft-lb 15NM

11) Now back off the injector line fitting nut at the injector by 1/2 a turn.
12) Depress accelerate and crank engine untill fuel flows from the injector line fitting nut.
13) re tighten to abve torque specs.
14) start the engine and check for fuel leaks.

IMPORTANT - do not rev the engine on initial startup as it may cause the injector nozzle to bind and result in a sticking injector.

It is also recomended to change the fuel filter at the same time.