No Mess Oil Change
Article:Reece  Photos:Reece

Ok changing the oil for us seasoned Surf owners is no big deal and we have found out the hard way that if youre not careful you will leave a oily mess on the driveway. For the newbies to Surfs heres a good way to change the oil and not have anything to clean up afterwards.



Step 1:

Basically what you need is a bucket any type will do, preferably with a pouring lip. One house hold garbage bag, a 2L coke bottle cut in half, oil and filter.









Step 2:


Drain the oil into the bucket, this is best done when the engine is warm as it drains faster and better. I find when undoing the sump bolt push up while undoing, flick your hand away at the last minute. With a little practice you wont get any oil on your hands.



  Step 3:




Remove the cover plate in the wheel arch. Place the bottom half of the coke bottle under the filter. It will sit there by itself, undo the filter a few turns and let the filter drain. Once drained unscrew all the way and drop into the coke bottle.




Step 4:


As seen in the picture the filter sits perfectly into the coke bottle, you can even tip it upside down and no oil will leak.



Step 5:


The top half of the bottle makes a perfect funnel, sits in the oil intake nicely. 



Step 6:


Transfer the old oil into the empty containers, place the oil filter, coke bottle in the garbage bag. Tie the bag up and your done, nothing to clean maybe a little wipe of the hands. Take the old oil and bag down to your local recyclers.