OIL CHANGE - Oil & Filter
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To view what else is recomended to be done at the same time as engine oil, check the Maintenance Schedule:

Before you do an Oil change, make sure you have all the parts you need, if you are renewing the filter, make sure you have a new clean filter to go back onto the engine. Also make sure you have enough oil for the refill.
Filter needed - Z334

Make sure the oil in the engine is hot, so do the drain after a good drive, this makes sure you get most of the oil out as it's runnier when hot. Make sure the car is level, as in this case, just jack up one side to help get it so.

The sump drain is located close to the back of the diff. Make sure you have a bucket ready to catch the oil, I usually unscrew the nut with a spanner, then as it's hand loose (so able to be undone with my hands) i start turning it and keep hold of it then just pull it out and to the side once it's loose, so you don't loose it in the oil.

Once you have let it drain for a while give the sump a wipe and put the bolt back in, wipe around it and tighten.

To get to the oil filter, it is easy to just unbolt the 4 small bolts in the wheel arch, the oil filter will slide straight through the hole and makes it easier than pulling it through the engine bay dripping oil.









I usually loosen the filter from above as it is easier to get leverage on it, or use a filter loosener. whilst your loosening the filter get ready to angle it upards so you get minimal spillage, I usually place my oil catcher underneath the IFS and this catches most drips.
When re-installing the filter smear some oil around the filter rubber, and do it hand tight, but keep an eye on it as I have known them come loose.

I used a 2Litre can to fill the engine with fresh oil, with a new filter it usually takes around 6-7 litres. I usually fill 5 litres, check the level on the dipstick, then fill slowly, let it settle then check again. once it shows 'F' on the mark start the engine, check for leaks around the sump bolt and filter. Then let it settle for a few minutes and check the level again, it may need topping up.