Replacemnt Sump Seal
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After I fixed the fuel pump 2 days latter I found oil leaking everywhere.. it was coming out of the front and the back of the sump. The diesel from the leaking pump had run down the motor and then drained along the sump join.

The seal dissolved because I left the fuel pump leak too long (2 days).. Diesel dissolves most formed gasket compounds!

These are some random photos of the gasket replacement..
They are not very good but they show the inside of the engine.. Most were taken in very very confined spaces where I could not even see – I was trying and figure out where the oil was leaking from.. I thought it was the front and the rear main seals because I could not see any damage to the formed seal on the top of the sump when I dropped it out.. Basically the seal had lifted away from the motor and oil leaked from between the bottom of the motor and the top of the formed seal.. therefore no visual problem could be seen with the seal that was still stuck to the top of the sump pan..
In the end I put a new seal in and hoped that it would fix the problem..
thank christ it did! :)

I rebuilt the gasket with:
Locktite Blue Maxx Silicone Sensor Safe RTV silicone gasket maker
– it is really good stuff..


To get the sump out I undid the engine mounts,
Pulled the bolts out that hold the diff to the chassis and the Diff tot he Wishbones and then jacked the engine up, the chassis up and left the wheels sitting on the ground..

My surf has a 2” left kit.. But it is a real lift kit.. not a body lift but a chassis to axel lift.. so there is a fair amount of room,

I was able to drop the sump pan and pull it out …

Photo showing oil pick up..
Had lots of crap stuck in it..

Trying to see where the oil was coming from..
was it the real main seal?

Where is it coming from ?

The job took 2 days..
About 5 hours to get the sump out because I had no idea what I was doing..
About 2 hours to clean the black crap out of the bottom of the sump..
About 15 minutes to reform the gasket and get all the bolts back in..
About 24 hours to let the seal cure..
About 2 hours to put it all back together..
Another 2 hours for the wheel alignment because I unbolted the Diff and Axels from the front wishbones