Sunroof - Moonroof repair
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Here is a copy of the Toyota Manual instructions on how to adjust and/or remove/replace the Sun Roof ( They call it a 'MOON' roof - no poking of bums out the top I hope ). I utilized it
when I repaired ( yes "repaired" - not for everyone I expect) the roof''s broken away drive cables. Cost me about the same time as replacing them plus a little extra to do the mod , but I certainly did not have to pay the exorbitant costs for replacement cables that our " good mates Toyota want ". Unfortunately it was about 4 years ago and did not take any pics of what I did, and now being an old codger my memory is a bit dim on the exact way that I reconnected them to the plastic carriers that attach to the roof glass. Suffice to say that I made a couple of little metal angle pieces that I drilled small holes into, at the same pitch as the drive cable winding, and wound the drive cables into them and soldered to stop them coming out. These were attached back onto the roof glass carriers, by small screws I think, to reconnect everything. Also somehow managed to refit the lift up pins ( which had broken away ) that ensures the roof glass seals up at the end of its travel. Has worked fine since, I think the cable attachment is now stronger than the original fusion in plastic which obviously weakens over time with the immense heat experienced in that area ( especially in OZ ). OK this doesn't help anyone too much except to say that it can be done, but I do have the Manual Instructions on the roof adjustment and removal, with a few notes I made on them to prevent plastic surround breakages ( the roof lining does not be removed completely - just dropped down at the front for access ), and would like to give them to the web site to be made available as a Download
Dowload PDF with insturctions here:
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