Turbo - Vacuum Lines Troubleshooting
Article: Dan Birch Photos: Dan Birch

The following two images are only as a guide to help with identifying where vacuum hoses 'supposidly' go. both the vehicles shown are having no troulbes with the way in which all hoses are connected and everything seems to be working.

2LTE (electronic injection)

A Common Fault with the 2.4LT Surf engines is the turbo pressure sensor causes the red engine 'check' light to come on if there is a faulty vacuum hose. Sometimes the Engine just looses power, as there is a leak in the system, and no boost is being made.

One big area the vacuum hoses seem to come loose is around the intake manifold near the throttle. There is a small connection below the throttle body housing that tends to get oil (normal from engine blow-by) this causes the vacuum hose to slip off easily. I have actually cable tied mine onto the nipple.

The Red dotted line is the hose that usually comes loose, it comes loos where it attaches to the intake manifold. There is a small nipple where it attaches which goes into the intake manifold. The best cure for this is to replace the hose with a new piece as the old pieces tend to be worn and old.

2LT (direct injection)

This image is more to show what goes where with all the hoses.

Here is a general overview of the 2LT Turbo vacuum system and engine vacuum outlay. The vacuum line in Red has been known to be a problem as it slips off on the inlet manifold and can cause loss of power and turbo not to work.

Turbo Vacuum Lines and Throttle.