Water Pump Replacement
Article:Marc Gianatti Photos: Marc Gianatti

The process to get to this point is to:
1. Remove Bash Plate to get to the bottom of the engine,
2. Remove radiator fan shroud, (4 bolts)
3. Remove fan, (4 nuts)
4. Remove fan belts, (loosen air-con tensioner wheel + loosen power steering pump)
5. Remove radiator top hose, (2 hose clamps)
6. Remove Turbo Water cooling return hoses, (2 hose clamps)
7. Remove the two Heater hoses from across from of engine, (4 hose clamps)
8. Remove Crank Pulley, (1 bolt - was easy this time as I had removed it once before to do the timing belt and put it back on with anti-seize grease! – ie good stuff! – first time was very difficult – involved long pipe + a gear puller and removal of the radiator to get the gear puller in place…)
9. Remove timing belt cover (12x 10mm bolts!! – Couple of tricky ones behind the protruding bracket – centre left on photo)


The engine bay - with timing belt cover removed – showing the offending water pump.
The pump showed itself by a water leak out of the bottom of the car – dribbled down the inside of the timing belt cover, out the drain hole at the bottom of the timing cover and then dripping down the bash plate.


Shows the parts removed ..


Shows the VERY greased up bolt to be removed from the centre of the crank pulley…


Shows the Water pump removed.. (6 bolts)

Top Gear = Cam Shaft Gear
Left Centre Gear = Free rolling, timing belt guide gear
Right Gear = Fuel Pump pulley
Left top Pulley = Tensioner Pulley (spring loaded)
Bottom pulley = Timing belt drive pulley (on Crank Shaft)


Old Water pump.. 8 blade rotor…


Weep hole on old water pump where the leak was coming from..

Designed to allow water to escape from the pump when the water seal on the inner bearing fails..

The New Water Pump .

6 vane pump superseded original number1997 - 16100-59255

New water pump in place..

The new pump has 6 blades on the rotor..
It cost $117 from Rockingham Toyota.. (I think the way under charged me..)

It was replaced with a gasket cut out from grey 1mm gasket paper and installed with Locktite Permatex N° 3 Non-Hardening Form-A-Gasket
Ie, the brown/back crap seen around the seal..

I also used Carlube – Copper multipurpose anti seize assembly compound (high temp, anti seize grease)

Job took about 3 hours in total..
(but I have pulled the timing belt cover off a number of times and am getting fairly good at it!)

A Schematic of the waterpump and seals.